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Tuesday , March 22 , 2011

It seems like the story of writing comics has many similar themes. I read things about computers crashing, hard disks failing, lost original sketches and the occasional error with logging in or uploading altogether. In the time we started this project until now, we've had a bit of that, but most of our problems were more of a social or life related kind that took precedence over the comic.

Will and I got busy with countless things. Graduate school, relationships, pestering Paul about updating the damn music for the pages...Without warning a couple of years had passed and the comic gathered dust. People that had been visiting for a while quickly dropped off.

This was by no means intentional. It became one of those awkward moments much like when someone forgets to call someone in their family for a word and then things get difficult later because the more time that passes, the more awkward it gets.

So I am going to say something I should have said a couple years back: The Room is officially on hiatus.

Strangely, it's more likely that The Room will see sporadic, random updates in this form than in its old one. It's a long term story that we've written too much into to ever abandon but the early chapters were complex enough in laying out bits and pieces that it became cumbersome to tell. It was simple enough to get lost behind our own rules about its production and story line. There's a ton of material worked on and countless meetings and sketches, but we're taking our break rather than keeping it in the immediate background of our minds where it's been distracting from other ideas.

To that end, there's a new comic being launched. Different format, different story line, different update schedule. Lighter in most regards, possibly funnier if people other than us laugh and debatably a faster read. No doubt our new comic world will succeed (if it does) from the mistakes and occasional heads slamming against a wall that we learned from having The Room plague our minds for more than 9 years time.

Our new story is called Dire Antiquities and is set in a medieval world with many similar issues to our own, told in a swords and sorcery style themed role-playing adventure perspective. With luck, it will not read as traditional works have in this vein and will appeal more to humor, people who read fantasy and roleplayers each as their own groups. It is our hope that you will enjoy it should you have the chance to take a look.

For those who have stayed with us during the interim, thank you for your patience and kind words. More is to come in the future, but don't wait around for it in the present. Dire Antiquities is going to be an ongoing episodic part of our lives for the conceivable future. We'll return to the Room here and there and that schedule may change over time when we get recharged creatively a bit. On that note, this is far from goodbye and more, "Sorry we didn't tell you we'd stepped away for a few moments. We'll be a bit longer than expected. Check out this other thing while you're waiting, hmm?"

- Chester


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