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Edward Bryce Kelly

Age: 19
Occupation: Freshman at Newhaven University
Hobbies: Angst, All things Music, Mountain Climbing, Sleeping
Edward grew up in a rural community of disenfranchised miners and jaded hippies in the mountains of Colorado. He can easily navigate his way through the wilderness, but Ed still has issues with big cities... Or most of civilization, for that matter.He has a strong affinity for all things natural, which manifests in a relatively "simple" lifestyle.Ed is not a luddite but he does tend to have a significant number of gaps in his understanding of all things technical.
Ed is a freshman at Newhaven University this year and finds himself caught between being a dreamer and a burgeoning cynic.He is obsessed with the tiniest of details which sometimes can make him seem vacant or aloof to people who don't know him as well.Back in Ed's highschool days, he was a typical over-achiever who always pushed himself to the edge of his capabilities.He is someone who has yet to be truly challenged by anything as far as education goes.As part of his continuing struggle, Ed must learn to adapt to a far more faster paced game of survival: being social with other college students.

Mike needs coffee.

Michael Andrew Davos

Age: 20
Occupation: Freshman at Newhaven University
Hobbies: Computers, Coffee, People-Watching, Reading
Mike has lived in a small city in southern Oregon for as long as he can remember.He lost his father at a young age and was raised by his mother until he was 11.Growing up, he was described as a quiet child who was easy to startle and slow to make friends.Mike was a natural with almost anything electronic and tended to construct computers and electronic devices well beyond his age.He trusts the reliable logic and simplicity of machines in the sense that even the most complicated problem has a reasonable cause and solution, unlike people.
Mike's teenage years were haphazard at best and damning at worst as he finds himself at Newhaven on a conditional admission pending the results of his first term. He has never been strongly engaged in school prior to this moment in time and only now is beginning to consider what he wants out of life. Mike has always been someone who has questioned the point of doing an assignment or task just for the sake of proving he can do it, looking instead to meaning and purpose. Now he must do the same with his own life and find his own reasons to exist and to move forward.

Urge to kill, rising

Lily Smith

Age: 26
Occupation: Residential Life Administrator and Special Consultant to Newhaven University President's Office
Hobbies: Arts and Crafts, Late-Night Strolls, Fung Shui
Most residents find her to be a charming and helpful member of the administration and someone who goes out of her way to be welcoming to new students. She seems to work later in the day than most employees and has an uncanny memory for details. For whatever reason, she seems to have an antagonistic relationship with the president and for the tasks he assigns her.



Age: 18ish
Occupation: Student at Newhaven University
Hobbies: Sulking, Sneaking up on people, Eating caffeinated napkins
Vivian Smith is a young woman who decided to leave home in a hurry and make something out of her life.Now she finds herself bossing around a bunch of goths and bullies and tends to couch surf from dorm to apartment on a fairly regular basis.She is argumentative, outspoken, and suspicious of most of the people she meets with relatively few exceptions.Currently she spends most of her time popping in and out of classes she doesn't seem to be registered for



Age: 24
Occupation: Unemployed
Hobbies: Leeching off of society, Intimidating people, Loafing
Rabid is what happens to someone who goes to school without a major and still doesn't have one after six years of randomly attending classes and mooching food from everyone he sees.If not for a loophole in a scholarship offer, he would have been out of school years ago.Rabid completes one pass/no pass elective every term in order to continue to justify his continued presence.Numerous school rules and limitations now apply to most Newhaven students created largely in response to Rabid.

He resurrects the other two, and then BAM! DELTA ATTACK!

Damien Louis

Age: 22
Occupation: Movie Theater Snack-counter Peon
Hobbies: Eating free popcorn, Sumo Wrestling, Reading Comics
Damien works at the local Yummy Fun Movie Place, a subsidiary of Twitchy and Possibly Tired Eyeball or Sideways Stressed Oval depending on which 'glom name you subscribe to. He is without a doubt, one of the worst employees in history, often taking 6 to 7 breaks a day in addition to an extended lunch in accordance with his religion 'Neo-Gothism, reformed'. He hangs out with Rabid, Vivian and Nick but fails to consider any of them friends.

Yes, I'm emo. Go to Hell.

Nick Rosenstein

Age: 19
Occupation: Freshman at Newhaven Universtiy
Hobbies: Silent Films, Video Games, Bass Guitar
Nick was once hailed as a childhood prodigy, able to name all seventeen thousand rules, tenents, and trademarks of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. It was thought that Nick would go on to become the youngest copyright lawyer or military media enforcement officer in the history of the United States. Alas, shortly before he shipped off to Newhaven, Nick's rebellious stage kicked in. Now he wants nothing more than listen to legally acquired and socially acceptable counter-culture music and to hang out with like minded people. Currently, he is (the only) dues-paying member of the Neo-goths and the designated 'feeder' for Vivian.


The Jock

Age: 25
Occupation: Student at Newhaven Universtiy (Still)
Hobbies: Spectating for any sport
The Jock always wanted to be the quarterback in high school for the rest of his life. This didn't work out as well when graduation day came. He came to Newhaven on a sports scholarship almost seven years ago before fracturing his coccyx during a bum rush. As a result of this, he was sidelined from the team and seemingly lost his sense of purpose in life. Now The Jock spends most of his time watching all kinds of sports and shouting his own suggestions over the audience at home games.

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